Azure command-line interface on Linux

A day you will meet that situation when you should manage your VMs from a Linux based environment but your Linux skills are not on the top yet. 🙂

Of course Microsoft provides a very good description for Azure-Cli installation, some important Linux side configuration and prerequisites steps are missing from that. Nevertheless you are not in trouble because merely node.js which is required to install.

Here you can find a description for the installation:

  1. Login to your Linux machine where you would like to manage your Azure VMs
  2. To install node.js execute the following commands with root privileges
    1. yum install make gcc-c++ -y
    2. wget -N
    3. tar zxvf node-latest.tar.gz
    4. cd node-v7.4.0
    5. ./configure
    6. make install
  3. Then you can follow the MS article regarding the installation ( with the following command: npm install -g azure-cli

From now you can manage your Azure services from your Linux machine.

You can find some related links for this topic in the Azure part of my blog.

Enjoy the moment… 🙂

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