Azure DevOps Roadmap for 2020 Q1

My favorite topic, over all technology stuff, is the automation. I love automate everything which does make sense. Why? Because that is exciting, interesting, saves tons of time and makes our life (my Customers’ and mine) easier.

Parallel with this I like to be in a secure and easy to access place my codes and products such as GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket and Azure DevOps.

Since Microsoft bought GitHub and the Azure DevOps’ integration and functionality far better than ever. This means my primary source control and automation tool is Azure DevOps by Microsoft.

Therefore, I continuously follow the newer and newer features and improvements (and issues, of course). There are several new things in every week so we have enough material for reading and practicing.

Nevertheless a week ago I found a more exciting article on Azure DevOps blog. Azure DevOps Roadmap update for 2020 Q1 by Gloridel Morales. I feel we should do more focus on this topic. This article contains numerous descriptions of new features and some interesting links regarding the future releases.

Before I share with you the link of this article I would like to put here some topics from the future:

  • Azure DevOps Feature Timeline: which contains the detailed roadmap for Q1, Q2, …
  • Azure Pipelines: improve YAML support
  • Azure Boards: to make error messages easier to read and understandable
  • Azure Repos: better customization for repo paths by policies
  • Reporting: you will be able to copy dashboards to another projects or team.
  • Administration: steaming logs to third party Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools.

This is very exciting, isn’t it? What do you think?

Finally you can find the most important links regarding this topic:

That’s cool…I can’t wait for check them later. 🙂

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