Kubernetes deployments troubleshooting guide

When I am facing an issue on any area of technology there would be great if I have a great guide for troubleshooting. In this case I try to spend some hours to thinking about the best practices then create a plan/strategy for investigation.

Then when I found the root cause of the issue, once a while I forgot to make a “lessons learned” material. This means although the practice is always in my mind, I can’t share my a guide for troubleshooting.

I am sure this is familiar situation for everyone. 🙂

From this point of view I am very happy when I can find some great material on the internet. And yes, we have a great visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments by learnk8s.

This is a great diagram and you can download it from here.

Let’s use it without any system issue. 😉

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