Technical Thursday – Announcing AWS RoboMaker

Nowadays the automation related topics are much more popular than ever. Just think of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. Thousands of people learn and work on projects day by day from these areas to make millions of people’s life easier and better. This is cool. 🙂

There are several platforms (especially cloud providers) which support AI and ML for long time. Nevertheless there is not a real (public) platform for support robotics….until now.

Last Monday (26.11.2018.) AWS announced to expand its services which really supports Robotics from now on public cloud. 🙂 Announcing AWS RoboMaker: A New Cloud Robotics Service

Why is it so important? To start to build and programing a great and useful robot is big effort also in time and money. You have to learn the basics of robotics, buy a starter-kit, create a development and testing environment with tools, etc. And here AWS could help you to save time and money. Additionally you  have a good chance to choose a platform  which is widely available for everyone (so you could make highly compatible robots and features). Obviously this is related all other fancy cloud services such as IOT.

But let’s see some official information from AWS:

It is really interesting, isn’t it?

For more information you can learn more here:

I suggest to read about these topics if you are interested in robotics or automation. Additionally I can provide you a great page which belongs to Hungarian Robot Builders Association. This is a club where you can start to learn the basics of robotics.


There is nothing left behind let’s check the possibilities and opportunities. 🙂

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