Technical Thursday – Positive news regarding Azure VNet Peering

Since I am working with Azure one of biggest problem was the connection across subscriptions. Although you can use several features to achieve this state such as Site-To-Site VPN, vNet-To-vNet peering, they have some serious limitations.

From my side the most relevant is vNet-To-vNet peering whose biggest limitations the regions where you can make a connection between two subscriptions. I mean You weren’t able to create without any difficulties VNet peering between subscriptions in US and Europe. Additionally You cannot create VNet peering between a subscription in AzureCloud and a subscription in AzureGermany cloud.

Luckily the good news was arrived on end of this March from Microsoft side: Global VNet Peering is now generally available.

This is awesome… 🙂

This was a huge missing feature and I feel this is a beginning of a bright future where we do not need to create VPN connection – which is far expensive than VNet peering – between our worldwide subscriptions.

Of course at the moment this feature is available in some regions but I am sure this list will be expanded soon.

You can now peer across the following regions:

  • Korea South
  • UK South
  • UK West
  • Canada East
  • India South
  • India Central
  • India West
  • US West Central
  • Canada Central
  • US West 2


For more information and description please read the following article: Global VNet Peering is now generally available

Before you start to replace your all of your existing VPN connection to VNet peering please check the pricing of VNet peering.




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